I work with young adults, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide who are ready to wake up to the life they want NOW. I coach my clients to find clarity and purpose, while holding them accountable in defining a clear plan of action that will transform their lives. I do so from a place of experience, compassion and tough love.

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“Katie has been a great help to me as I work through a number of transitions and life changes. On each call she helps me gain focus and direction and then holds me accountable to meeting my goals. Her approach is energizing and authentic. She is living her passion, and it shows in her coaching skills. Thanks Katie!”
~ Jennifer, Entrepreneur

“Katie relates to you as your highest self and has allowed me to see beyond my expectations. During our sessions, she creates an empowered space where I can only see the best version of myself. I’ve been able to charge through mental blocks that have been holding me back for years. Katie offers the voice of possibility and pushes away the internal naysayers. I now have a profound sense of freedom and I cannot thank Katie enough!”
~ Brittany, Entrepreneur

“Katie is a person that exemplifies positive energy and professional creativity. Her inspiring coaching consistently challenges my thinking and pushes me to reach new levels. She has the ability to ask just the right question at the right time to get me to evaluate my perspectives. I am held accountable for my own improvement and am always completely energized after each call. Thank you, Katie, for helping me to achieve my goals and constant growth! I always look forward to our time together!”
~ Greg, Voice Actor and Media Specialist

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